Working with Our Clients

Client satisfaction is the core of our mission. We devote every possible effort to ensure that the services delivered to our client is at the utmost quality even with the most constrained schedule and budget. Our team works 24/7 to ensure that deliverables are submitted on time and that any clarifications are addressed in a professionally and timely manner.

Our core values in dealing with our clients are outline as
  • Working Side-by-Side

    When entering into an agreement with a client to provide any kind of services, the company considers itself in partnership with this client. Our decisions are motivated by the interests of our clients and our mindsets are directed towards achieving the most to our client benefits.
    Regardless of whether the clients is intending to hire our services or not, the company is willing to respond to clients seeking advise on how to resolve specific design issues. Our goal is to provide the client with possible different alternatives to solve his issue.

  • Provide cutting-edge technological solutions

    Our continuous research into finding what’s new in technology and our constant analysis of technological innovations targets providing our clients with the most effective solution that is applicable to the client issue and construction conditions.
    Financial and logistical analysis are jointly performed with the clients to verify the feasibility of each proposed solution and ensure that it can be accommodated within the client’s budget and logistic capabilities.

  • Ensure that the proposed designs are constructible

    Constructability, operability, and maintainability are the most crucial factors for client’s acceptance of any proposed design. With particular attention given to brown-field projects and to clients whom have operation and maintenance team which is familiar with specific type of equipment, our design proposals put all these facts into consideration. Based on client request, the design must utilize equipment which has spare parts available in the client’s inventory and which the client’s operation and maintenance team are familiar dealing with.

  • Agility in workload scheduling to accommodate client milestones and emergency needs.

    Working with Mechatronica is not a 9-5 job. Our team is available 24/7 to respond to client inquiries. The company is dealing with clients from different parts of the world and it is essential to adjust the availability of our team to match the time zones of our clients.
    Notwithstanding the above, our team is available to work late hours and weekends to ensure that our deliverables are submitted, all client’s enquiries are addressed, and all emergency calls are responded to in a timely manner.

  • Accommodate any necessary coordination work with other parties

    With the understanding that single-disciplinary are rare and exceptional, most of the projects are multi-disciplinary which creates additional challenges to the project design process since close coordination is required between different disciplines.
    Mechatronica considers any necessary coordination work that may affect the electrical design will be undertaken by the company as part of its design processes with no extra charges to the client. We are committed to communicate with other engineering firms working on different disciplines of the project to ensure that all the designs are aligned and to keep a close grasp of any changes that may happen during the design development process.

  • Constantly advise the clients with recommendations to improve their system reliability.

    Apart from the scope of the project assigned by the client, we are committed to check different aspects of the client plant to ensure the reliability of existing systems, their compliance with the latest standard updates, and any recommendations to upgrade the existing network equipment to improve the overall efficiency of the network.

  • Establish long-term business relationships with the clients.

    It is part of the company’s mission to maintain long-term business relationships with our clients whether this relationship is based on performing contracted work to them or just providing advised to improve their plant electrical efficiency and reliability. Our clients can be rest assured we are looking after their interest as far as we can.