Why Selecting Mechatronica

Mechatronica is a member of many Technical Standard Organizations and is always at the top of all new technologies being research or implemented in the field. Our team has the task of continuously assessing these technologies to identify their advantages and drawbacks and thus qualifying the applicability of these technologies in different projects.
Our relationships with Technical Standard experts and reputable equipment manufacturers allow us to have in-depth knowledge of the interpretations of these Standards and the measures and limitations that the manufacturers are following to adapt them. This knowledge allows us to be confident that the application of any solution will serve its intended purpose and that it will fit into the system it is applied for.

Mechatronica was established and will remain as a single-discipline engineering company believing that this gives the company the advantage over multi-disciplinary engineering firms in these aspects;
  • Staying focused on the latest electrical technological advancements and their applications
  • Devoting all our resources towards conducting all the necessary investigation and research work on new solutions
  • Substituting the use of large and complicated processes implemented in multi-disciplinary firms with micro-processes that apply only to the electrical designs. This saves tones of overhead expenses that the clients must, eventually, pay for.
  • The ability to have additional control over the design development process and more clear identification of the electrical design scope and the interface points with the same of other discipline designs provided by other engineering firms.
  • The ability to provide the clients with design progress reports that are only focused on the electrical discipline. This will help clients to identify any issues or concerns related to this discipline only, without being distracted by going through the overall multi-disciplinary progress reports.

With the understanding that some of the clients prefer to hire the services of multi-disciplinary engineering firms as this will ensure the no design gaps are left out, and that the design is properly coordinated, Mechatronica assures its clients that our work includes undertaking all the necessary coordination work with other firms, whether in the design development or design review stages, to ensure that the proposed design is well coordinated with the design of the others working on the same project.
Mechatronica is committed that all necessary coordination work with the electrical design will be seamlessly undertaken by the company at no extra cost to the client. This is part of the company’s commitment to work with its clients and their hired contractors as a team to ensure a smooth project progress and flawless design.