Project Studies

Before engaging into the engineering work on any project, different studies are conducted to identify the problems and propose solutions. These reports are intended to enlighten the client with alternative approaches that can be followed to eliminate the problem and the cost and time impact for the implementation of each approach.

  • Pre-Engineering Study Reports

These reports are intended to provide the client with all possible design solutions to the identified problem, along with Class 3 cost, return on investment, and schedule analysis.

The report is provided with preliminary sketches and drawing markups to illustrate the differences in order for the client to visualize the amount of work associated with each proposed solution.

  • Engineering Study Reports

In these reports, more in-depth analysis of the preferred engineering solution is performed and detailed Class 1 cost and time schedules are built with a quick review of other non-preferred options outlined for the sake of comparison and for all stakeholders to be aware of the work done before and the reasons for selecting this solution.

Elaborative sketches, drawing markups, and preliminary power system studies and calculations are conducted to ensure that no hidden issues are associated with the solution before moving to the detailed engineering stage.


Engineering & Design

Engineering and design is an elaborative process. A document presented to the client at the starting stage of engineering is revised multiple times to incorporate additional outcomes as engineering moves forward towards details.
Engineering and design documents are presented to the client and a review meeting is conducted to ensure the client’s awareness and approval of all design aspects. These documents include;
• Studies and calculations
• Layouts and details
• Power system analysis
• PLC and protection relay programming

Panel Shop Design

Our industrial designers have the capability to undertake the detailed design of different types of assemblies including the following;

  • Low-voltage assemblies including switchgears, motor control centers, control panels, marshalling cabinets and terminal boxes.
  • Communication cabinets including network switch cabinets, HMI cabinets and computer consoles.
  • Fiber optic cabinets including splice and patch panels.

The design deliverables include three-dimensional drawings with all necessary sections and details as well as a complete bill of material. The design is intended to help panel shops to order their materials and build their panels in compliance with all applicable codes and standards so that these panels can be easily certified by certification inspectors.

Procurement Support

These services include providing all the necessary technical support for the client’s procurement process including the following;

  • The preparation of technical part of Request of Proposals for equipment or service
  • Responding to technical clarifications from vendors or contractors
  • Advise vendors or contractors for any corrections required in their proposals.
  • Perform technical bid evaluation with qualitative and quantitative analysis of proposals.
  • Review of awarded vendor documentation and drawing submittals
  • Perform equipment inspection either at the shop or on site.

Field Engineering

A constructible design requires thorough field investigation to insure the suitability of the design and the selected equipment to the current field conditions. Our field engineering services cover all field related activities that are required to ensure that the design can accurately fit field conditions and to ensure that all gaps, discovered during construction, are handled in line with the design intent and according to the applicable codes and standards.

Field engineering services include;

  • Conducting pre-design field surveys to ensure that the design is developed with the actual site conditions in mind and to verify the contents of the available documentations. Existing documents will be updated as needed to reflect the existing site conditions.
  • Liaison with client’s construction team to check if any other projects will be undertaken within the same project boundaries that may affect the surveyed site conditions.
  • Meeting and conducting walkthroughs with awarded construction contractor to familiarize him with the design intent
  • Responding the contractor’s clarifications and Request for Information in a timely manner.
  • Conduct construction supervision walkthroughs.
  • Perform pre-start-up reviews on installations
  • Undertake or support commissioning and start-up activities.