About Us

Mechatronica Engineering Research & Development Ltd. was established in 2016 by its CEO and Technical Director who has been working in the field of providing engineering services in the market for over 20 years.To improve the value that the company provide to its clients, the company has hired several engineers and designers who have proven skills in the same field and have been working with a number of major engineering firms in the market.With these talents in hand, the company preserves no effort in providing all the necessary training to its employees to ensure that it is getting the best out of their efforts and to improve their design and management capabilities to serve the company’s clients. The company strongly believes that investment in knowledge is always rewarding.

For the company to be able to compete with other firms working in the same field, we have placed certain processes and procedures in action to ensure that; the company’s overheads are kept at minimum, and to increase the efficiency of productivity of its employees. Thus, the services will be provided at very reasonable costs and comprehensive schedules to our clients, without jeopardizing the quality of the work.The company has implement different levels of checking and verification to all stages of design development. Our clients can monitor our design development and checking processes to ensure that the delivered design is functional, constructible, and in compliance with all the applicable codes and standards.